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Disclaimer all of our clothes are washable and very durable based off of the paint we use.
Reference:Candy Darling,Candy says by Lou Reed.
“She’s not afraid to die,all her friends call her Alaska.”
Alaska means a lot to me. On November 24, 1944, candy darling was born into a normal family in Queens, New York City. Her real name is James Lawrence slaterry. Her mother, Theresa Phelan, is a salesman. Her father is an alcoholic. After their parents divorced, their mother moved to long island with her young candy. She spent her childhood watching TV and old Hollywood movies. She learned to imitate her favorite actresses, such as Joan Bennett and Kim Nov. when they grew up, candy increasingly wanted to be a beautiful woman. After that, candy tried to dress up as her ideal beautiful girl, but her behavior was not accepted by conservative neighbors. After that, she left long island to return to New York, and her Mother Theresa later recalled the story and said, “I don’t want my son to leave, but I know I can’t keep her. She’s brilliant and, more importantly, she’s too beautiful. “On March 21, 1974, Darlene died of leukaemia at caprini medical center. Before she died, she revealed her secret inner world to Andy Warhol: Unfortunately, when I died, she had no desire for life. I’m tired of everything. I’m tired to death. I want to be free. After her death, Kandi darling was cremated and her ashes were buried in Cherry Valley cemetery in Cherry Valley, a small historic village at the foot of Catskill mountain in New York.
Alaska对我来说意义非凡。1944年11月24日,坎迪·达琳出生于纽约市皇后区的一个普通家庭,本名詹姆斯·劳伦斯·斯拉特瑞,母亲特丽萨·费伦是一名推销员,父亲是个酗酒无度的酒鬼。父母离异后,母亲带着年幼的坎迪搬去了长岛。她的童年在看电视和旧好莱坞电影中度过,她学会了模仿她最喜欢的女演员,如Joan Bennett与Kim Nov长大之后的坎迪越来越希望成为一个美丽的女人,此后,坎迪努力打扮成为自己理想中的美丽女子,但她的行为并不为保守的邻居所接纳。此后,她离开长岛回到纽约,她的母亲特丽萨后来回忆这段往事说道:“我不愿意儿子离开,但知道我留不住她。她才华横溢,更重要的是,她太过美丽。”
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Indem ihr euch frei macht, macht ihr die Welt frei.